We Need Your Help! Fight BILL 14!!!

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Hello Vendors & Consumers,

As many of you are aware the final consult for Bill 14 is coming to a end November 20. That means this is our ONLY time to engage the consumers and ourselves to fight. This is the time to come together because if the bill passes the way it is currently YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO VAPE IN YOUR OWN SHOP! I have heard the impacts of this when a similar bill was passed in eastern Canada and it has been very significant.

If you have no idea what i am talking about, now is the time to research and educate yourself and your own customers because they are likely the ones that has NO idea what is happening.

The Ministry of Health has just released their letter outlining the consultation period for Bill-14: Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Regulation. I have attached to this email the copy of the bill amendments in question you can read through.

I have included a 1 pager that you can print out which was kindly supplied by a local shop who's dedicated in fighting this and getting the word out and frankly we need everyone involved. Print out 100 copies of the 1 page document i have attached (put your logo on it if you want) and just put it on your tables... Choose to engage your customers or put it in places where they will see it and engage you. We must get more people to email the government with their own personal stories of vaping and how it's helped them and why the current bill should/should not be passed the way it is. The biggest impact is the right to vape in your own shops. If your staff has not written a email, they should all be the first.

This is your last time to act and if we do not come together in the next few weeks February 2016 these laws go into effect. If you are waiting or hoping someone else is going to do something your kidding yourselves... YOU are the ones which are going to help change this.

My reach extends to most parts of BC but please forward this on to anyone else you think needs it as i cannot be assured everyone has seen this prior.

Further educate yourself by going to the BC Vapers Consumer Association facebook page:

Attached below is the full Bill 14 and a Template for you to help



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