Ballistic Vape

Ballistic Vape

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Apple Pie (65VG)

  • A fresh bite of crisp apples lightly coated in warm cinnamon sugar and a golden crust. Just like mom used to make!

Frozen Strawberry (50VG)

  • A flavorful explosion of sweet strawberry goodness with a minty twist. Frozen Strawberry cascades down your taste buds to provide a soothingly fresh sensation that lasts the day.

Juicy Watermelon (50VG)

  • A candy-infused watermelon flavor that envelopes your taste buds with its ripe, tasty goodness. Juicy Watermelon is a walk through fruity flavor paradise that keeps you coming back for more.

    The Tsunami (50VG)

    • A sweet watermelon base packed with an icy blast of menthol and other subtle flavors. The Tsunami is a crowd favorite that hits all the right notes in all the right spots. Not one to miss.

    Very Strawberry (50VG)

    • Inspired to create the best possible version of a staple vape flavor, we produced Very Strawberry. A deliciously potent strawberry packing a fruity punch sure to make your mouth water.

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