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Cush Man Mango Banana (low mint)
  • Mixture of Banana and Mango creates an exclusive taste that will definitely blow your mind! The taste would still lingers even right after you blow it.
Cush Man Mango Grape (Low Mint) 
  • Combination of Mango and Grape will both creates a new unique yet exotic kind of flavour that will electrocute your tongue and tingle your sense of taste.
Cush Man Mango Strawberry (Low Mint) 
  • Experience a wonderful taste from the world best strawberry. Just a drop of these lil badass will get you to a tropical heaven which perfectly made by us.
Bad Blood (Low Mint)
  • One of the most sought-after fruity flavours worldwide market especially in the UK is brewed to perfection. The sweet earthy blackcurrant flavour mixed with low mint resulted in a superbly refreshing feel and clouds.
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