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Jazzy Boba

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Jazzy Boba - USA BRAND

Dewwy Boba (70VG)

  • Charmingly irresistible at it's counterpart, blended by the same great minds who brought you the Winner of The Florals Category at Vape Summit 2015 ~ Dewwy Boba: The alluring Honeydew, Milk and Boba Tea infusion. 

Jazzy Boba (70VG)

  • Is the perfect blend of Jasmine and Milk Tea Boba that we have grown to love. Crafted from a top level mixologist and gastronomical savant, the end result is a flavor combination that is extraordinary in it's recreation of an extremely difficult flavor profile. One taste of this satisfying blend will make your mouth water and crave for more. Jazzy Boba will instantly make you reminisce of your first delectable sip of Milk Tea!
  • The enticing swirl of jasmine and milk tea, has been blowing up on the scene for months now and just won Best in Show at Vape Summit III! This juice is literally so good that it won against thousands of other vendors!

Manggo Boba (70VG)

  • Manggo Boba is a delicious mango boba tea that is nothing but smooth, sweet and sensational.

Thai Boba (70VG)

  • Thai Boba is a spot on rendition of the thai tea flavor that you know and love. Smooth, creamy, and slightly sweet, thai boba encompasses the silky milk tea flavor that you have fallen in love with throughout your boba experiences.

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