Dear valued customers,


We have an exciting announcement to make! Many of you who have been loyal customers of ours will remember that we changed our loyalty points system only a year ago to try to spice things up for you. However, we heard from many of you that it still didn’t deliver the WOW you were looking for, which is disappointing to us because we really want you to feel the WOW at our stores. In part, we were limited by our loyalty rewards partnership with Marsello, which didn’t provide us all the tools we needed to deliver the experience that we so desperately want for you, our most valued customers.


So for the past year, we’ve been searching for a new partner that could help us deliver more of that WOW to you and we’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with TapMango to provide you a more rewarding rewards program effective Today, November 12th!


Our partnership with TapMango will allow us to give you an opportunity to win something EVERY time you visit one of our stores! Yes EVERY visit! We’re also excited that we’ll be able to provide you a more rewarding experience for not only being an awesome customer, but for bringing your friends to us too with our new easy to use friend referral tools and incentives!


We’ll also be introducing new rewards available for redemption and new redemption schedules. Points will now be accumulated at 5 points for every dollar spent compared to 10 points before, but redemption values have also been reduced commensurate to that. As such, your Marsello points will be converted to TapMango using the same ratio so that the points you earned with Marsello will be worth no less than before and in fact worth even a little more! More details will be available at the store and any one of our associates will be happy to give you more information. So please come by and visit us today to check out our new rewards program and try your luck with our new Instant Win!



The Vapory Management Team

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