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Color – Black Onyx

Unleash Your Vaping Freedom with the CLX Pod Device Kit

Craving a versatile, reliable, and stylish vape experience? Look no further than the CLX Pod Device Kit. This sleek and powerful system seamlessly blends bold flavors, leak-proof technology, and effortless convenience to deliver the perfect vape for every occasion.

Dive into a Flavor Oasis:

    • Explore a diverse collection of CLX pre-filled pods, bursting with vibrant tastes from fresh fruit blends to creamy desserts and cool menthols. Each pod is meticulously crafted with high-quality ingredients and advanced flavor technology, guaranteeing an explosion of deliciousness with every inhale.
    • Choose from various nicotine strengths to perfectly suit your preference, whether you're a seasoned vaper or just starting out.
    • Experience smooth puffs and consistent performance thanks to the CLX device's powerful battery and innovative pod design.

Leak-Proof Confidence:

    • Say goodbye to messy leaks and spills! CLX pods utilize advanced seals and gaskets to provide a worry-free vaping experience, no matter how active you are.
    • Enjoy vaping on the go knowing your CLX device won't let you down.

Effortless Comfort and Style:

    • Click a pod in, press the button, and enjoy. The CLX device is incredibly user-friendly, making it perfect for vapers of all experience levels.
    • Boasting a compact and stylish design, the CLX device easily fits in your pocket or purse, ready to accompany you wherever your day takes you.
    • Choose from a range of stunning colors to express your style and personality.

Beyond the Essentials:

    • Long-lasting battery keeps you vaping throughout the day, minimizing charging downtime.
    • Fast charging technology ensures you're back up and running in no time.
    • Durable construction provides long-lasting enjoyment and peace of mind.

More Than Just a Vape:

The CLX Pod Device Kit is a commitment to quality, innovation, and user experience.

    • Made with high-grade materials and adhering to strict safety standards.
    • Designed with sustainability in mind, utilizing eco-friendly practices and recyclable packaging.
    • Dedicated to continuous improvement based on user feedback and changing trends.
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Battery: 690mAh Capacity
  • Full charge in 45 minutes
  • Vape while charging 
  • CLX Device x 1
  • User Manual x 1
  • Lanyard x 1
  • USB-C Cable x 1
  • Compatible with
  • ALLO SYNC Pods
  • STLTH Pods
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